Tuesday, August 1, 2017

After The Dust Settles...Onto Ceramics

Leela sculpture in silicone.
Waiting to be molded into ceramic.

Although the trip to Kentucky was difficult this year, the bright spot of the trip was, without a doubt, being gifted one of the large Boreas sculpture molds by Karen Gerhardt of Westerly Design in Colorado. I have been invited to mold him and even create custom clay versions.

The Boreas mold traveled via car all the way from Colorado to Kentucky and then to Pennsylvania all in less than a week. This past weekend I slowly and carefully opened the two huge plastic tubs. There are pieces for his ears to mold, and pieces for his legs and even a separate piece for his head.

Boreas mold so clean and smooth.

Mold of his leg is 3 sections.

I was immediately struck with a sense of awe, not only for having this amazing horse mold on my carpet in front of me to learn and understand from, but I also had a piece of mold making history in my hands. He was molded in England and I've never felt any plaster mold as smooth and clean and lovely as this Boreas mold is. I presently can't get past just feeling and staring at how beautiful his mold is. I sense I will be learning a lot from this guy and I'm excited to being my own mold making adventures again, this time with my Leela sculpture.

Boreas head mold.
This one is three parts too.

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