Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Windows Of Summer

Leela sculpture being
encased in plaster for ceramic production.

The windows of summer are slowly starting to close and I am sorta winding down from summer here in the studio. As I can sense the changing of the seasons approaching, especially in the early morning hours as the cool slowly lifts from the lawn, I've been reminded of all the projects I listed for completion this summer that have not been completed. Perhaps I made my summer list too long.

One "to do" that I did complete was finally molding my Leela sculpture in plaster for ceramic production. I now anxiously await the plaster mold to dry. It takes a few weeks for this to happen and I can't wait to see if I molded her correctly. I hope I made it correctly because I am dying to see my Leela sculpture in ceramic form.

Merryweather resin as unicorn.
Complete piece on base with original sculpted items.

Of course, there is always that one commission or project that seems to linger longer than the rest and this little Merryweather resin to unicorn was that one lingering project. He has been on my workbench for longer than I anticipated, but in that time frame Ive gained even more experience and believe his finish has come out even better than it would have if I rushed it. Im rather pleased and long to create another fantasy piece soon.

Close up of Toadstools on base.

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