Wednesday, April 4, 2018

More "Old" Talk

My latest painting that
did very well in the show ring for it's owner.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love good competition! Just recently, a Bacchus resin sculpted by Emilia Kurila that I had the glorious opportunity to paint, did extremely well in the show ring. That was exciting to see in person! The new resins and customs that have hit the show rings, as of late, have been amazing! They have propelled our industry into new and exciting heights. Artists are being pushed to do more and be their very best. To see the human spirit excel with their talents amaze and inspire me.

Now, I hear an artist had a real horse scanned and those scans have become three dimensional. As exciting as that is (and yes, I won't lie, I will want to paint one) I don't know what that will do for all the current pieces. How can a judge NOT pin the scanned horse as the winner of all? After all, sculpt tops workmanship in halter in our world right now. That resin will be as close to Godly perfect as possible.

And I guess this is all well and good cause it causes a happily little frenzy among collectors, onlookers and artists. And that is always sorta fun for a while. All of us vying to get their hands on the latest piece. But, in all this frenzy there are holes being created. Gigantic holes. Where do we go and what do we do with these enormous holes all this frenzy has and is continuing to create?

Now, I won't lie. I've been constantly thinking of how much fun it would be to hold a vintage type show. Something old but new and something After much discussion on my Facebook page (The Healing Heart Art ) after the last blog post, I'm coming to learn that many out there are not only yearning for such old fashioned shows, these shows are slowly becoming reality and are being exceedingly well received. VERY well received.

And now, my mind turns even faster on this idea!

More of my personal show string
that are out of show circulation.

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