Monday, August 6, 2018

Its Like This....

Ouch! Sometimes Life is Like a skeeter.

It's like this.... day you're cruising along fine with all your ducks in a row and the next, you're being pelted by skeeters and you flail and then scare all your ducks loose.

I've lost all my ducks it seems. Well, the row they were in is askew and for a while I sorta liked seeing them spaced out a bit. There is something satisfying in letting things just become unorganized because you gain new perspective.

I have been writing, just not for the blog. It's stuff that has skeeters in it and I kept questioning if I were heading in the right direction creatively. I asked for a sign. I guess you can say I got one. This juicy gal reaffirmed that I'm on the right track creatively this past weekend. Even though I can't share some of what I'm working on, I can say my ducks are slowly getting back in line.

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