Friday, April 18, 2008

24 Hours

My new ceramic pendant

Yesterday the sun was shining and the weather gorgeous. It was the perfect day...or so it seemed . Unfortunately, my son caught the 24 hour puke bug around 2AM and I couldn't think of anything but being with him to comfort him for the entire day. My poor little bub. Throwing up is the worst, I know. :(

Thankfully, he feels much better today and we have already gotten a good start enjoying the fine weather. I made a few new pendants in clay while he drew with chalk. He helped flatten a few clay balls out for me too. I love when he helps me make my clay art. I can't wait to teach him how to throw on the wheel one day.

Horsing Around Arab in progress

Once he fell asleep for the night yesterday I was able to work a bit on a commission. This Arabian stallion is slowly nearing finish and the owner has been most patient. I hope to have this big boy completed in another two weeks or so. His dapples are coming along so nicely. They are a pretty shape and are fading ever so softly into the background. Its exactly how I envisioned it.

Close up of the soft dappling

The best part about being an artist is the fact that I can make presents for people when their birthdays come around or when we are invited to a party. We have been invited to a christening and a Holy Communion party. Both affairs are quickly approaching and I am feeling very ambitious and am eager to make some boxes. Here you can see the very beginnings of a first tooth box (that is the oval shaped box) and a rosary holder box. Both will be for little girls so I'm excited to paint up more rose sprays with tons of pretty little dainty flowers.

Boxes right before firing

Well, the sun do two lingering items I never shipped yet. ARrr....I am rushing off to the studio to give both Jasmine (I'm so sorry she hasn't left yet Julie. She is coming though and I'll pop a pretty surprise in her box just for you.) and the Smittyn resin. I'm two days late in mailing Smittyn. Just couldn't make it to the post office. The only free day I had this week was Tuesday and you couldn't PAY me to go near our post office on THAT day!!!

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