Saturday, March 9, 2013

Repair: Head

Custom who lost his head.

I've been offering repair at live model horse shows recently and it's been going over very well. Seems there is never a lack of repair that is needed on show horses.

This show horse came to me in sorry sad shape and he has been the worst repair Ive seen to date. But everything can pretty much be fixed if you have the right materials at hand. Such a repair is actually done with two simple items: Zap A Gap glue (its like Crazy Glue) and regular household baking soda.

The glue and baking soda come together and form a very strong bond. The rest of the repair is just lots of sanding and matching paint, which is always the fun part.

Glue, baking soda and lots of sanding help put
the head back on the body seamlessly.

Gesso repaired area to help see areas that need
more sanding or repair.

Paint using acrylics, oils and pastels to match color.

Finished and ready to go back in the show ring.

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