Sunday, March 24, 2013


My focus as of late has been on restorations. I enjoy fixing the show horses especially while Im at the shows and this Donna Chaney "Boxing Shire" came to me a bit worn from handling and showing. He had grown a bit yellow all around and a bit of sprucing up was needed.

I thought it might be interesting for some to see just what goes into restoring a leopard appy when they turn a bit yellow. Basically, the entire piece has to be repainted white and then details added back in. I only took a few shots of the process but I believe the viewer can get a good idea that it can be involved.

Once again, this horse is ready for the show ring.

First step, get the white areas bright.

Adding white with such a delicate pattern creates more work but
the first step is to just repaint all white areas.

Once the white is freshened up
the details can be slowly fixed.

Finished and ready for the show.

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