Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Peek at Mixed Media

Quick covering of airbrush
color and pastels.

Since Breyerfest is happening this week I thought it would be nice to have a "how-to" painting themed post for the model horses.

I get asked quite often how I paint the horses using "mixed media" and I decided to visually document the painting process of this foal into a bay. She'll eventually be given white markings which will render her a sabino.

Slowly adding highlights using acrylics.

Another view of the acrylic work.

Pastels and pigments are then used along the
top line and blended into the acrylic work.

A small amount of water soluable oils are then
used for more shading.

More shading and more pigments till
the right color is achieved.

Color is finished. White markings can then be
added on top of the color.

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