Monday, July 1, 2013

Recovery After NAN

My repair table 15 minutes into the day.

The recovery period needed after my excursion to Harrisburg to attend the North American Nationals was approximately a week. (If you've been wondering what happened to the blog. Just taking a break.) In the span of three days I must have repaired well over 100 horses. Repairs ranged from correcting simple ear tip rubs and scratches to rebuilding missing ears and repairing major breaks.

There is something very satisfying for me in repairing OFs and resins for showers. There is always a happy energy that follows once the owners come to pick up their repaired piece. I love seeing their smiles and Im happy to help. I enjoy the repairs so much that I will be at more shows offering my repair service. A list of shows I'll be attending is in the works. As soon as I get approval to vendor on a couple I can list them.

Thank you to everyone who used my services at the show and a special thank you NAN Committee who allowed me vendor. Thanks!

Major break for one of the performance
horses right before their class.

The set up in my hotel room.

One of the more rare original finish Breyers I
had the opportunity to work on.

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