Sunday, July 7, 2013


Cool frame that was being thrown out.

Once again inspiration came from the dumpster. I found a few large frames out in a large dumpster and snagged them thinking I'll maybe need them later on down the road for a project. Little did I realize that the one would turn into a project almost immediately.

For days I had the image of a hillside with trees and the sun setting behind those trees stuck in my head. I decided that masonite board in the one frame would be the perfect canvas to let this image out on and so the project began.

Although I am only a few hours into this painting I had to share the results so far as Im very excited.

Taping the frame off
and gessoning the existing painting.

Layers of acrylic paint take nicely to the gessoed board.

More paint...

...and even more paint.

More to come!

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