Sunday, September 8, 2013


Very simple supplies.

In my travels I had become very enamored with repurposing old frames. I knew that if I found a few at a cheap price, or free, I'd hop on the opportunity to reuse them in some fashion. Luckily, at a local flea market I found an entire bag of old frames and put a few to use. I retained one, however, for a very special project because I wanted to display several photos in a collage-like way in one frame, and this one frame would be perfect for that project.

I thought it would be fun to share the solution.
Basically, you just use an old frame, hot glue some twine to the back, staple secure and then add some clothing pins (or small craft pins) to the twine and you have a brand new display for your photos!

The twine slips out of the staples
so I hot glued the twine down then stapled.

Finished piece which I can
change whenever I like.

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