Sunday, September 29, 2013

LIve Sketching in Luzerne, PA

I haven't had all too many opportunities to live sketch as of late, but last night I decided to grab my sketchbook and head on out to a bar. The sketching was fairly decent and a few patrons offered quite a challenge.

Im sharing the best from the night.
The woman further down offered the most challenge because I just couldn't capture her at all and it frustrated me. It frustrated me so greatly that tonight I had to try and redo her image, this time with paints. I finally captured her.

Woman with a Cigarette before and after.

BEFORE: "Woman with a Cigarette"
Trying to capture her was very difficult.

AFTER: "Woman with a Cigarette"
Revisited and recaptured with paint.
This finish closely resembles her.

Nude study at the bar.

Ok, there were no nude people walking around the bar. I was just inspired to do a figure study after viewing a woman's ill fitting jeans. Actually, the jeans created very interesting shapes all about and I drew her both clothed and unclothed. Yes, I see nude people when I go out and about. If I adjust my mind's eye I can sorta see everyone unclothed and I can draw it. Shh...if you recognize her, don't tell her I drew her. lol

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