Monday, September 16, 2013

The Very Best Part

Descent: A trip down into or
from something; such as a mountain.

The very best part of being a parent is getting to experience childhood all over again with your child. You get to play with toys again and be silly. There is always an excuse to have ice cream on a whim and you get to revisit all those wonderful children's books. There is also, unfortunately, homework.

Yeah, you get to revisit that again too and I am very thankful that my son "gets" math cause I certainly don't. English was my subject and that is the subject he doesn't "get" at all. We make a great pair.

He reads beautifully, but seeing words and understanding meanings seems to be eluding him. So when faced with the definitions of words like: trekked, belay and decent, I came up with an idea to let my mice help out a bit. I couldn't think of a better way to explain how to remember the words except to draw how I saw them. It actually turned into a very fun illustration exercise for me and he knows the words and definitions now too.

Harness: A set of straps that can
attach to a safety rope.

Belay: being tied to a person or a
rock with a rope for safety.

Trekked: made a slow and difficult
journey on foot.

Rappel: to come down a cliff
by sliding down a rope.

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