Saturday, December 7, 2013

Madness I Couldn't Escape are madness.

Popular madness...

I'm not one for it, but when an eight year old looks at you and asks innocently why his elf never showed up after Thanksgiving like everyone else's you have to take pause and get on board the "Madness Train."

Of course, trying to board this train when all the madness tickets are sold out is difficult. Enter the antique and flea market filled with lovely finds from day's gone by. Naturally, I arrived a half an hour too late to pick up just one of the little "Elf on the Shelves" they actually did still have cause some ONE person came in and bought ALL of them from the entire store. Damn, bad timing.

But, this worked to my advantage as all the way tucked in the back of the store a very nice vendor had a "knee hugging elf" as he called it. He pulled the little creature out and I immediately became very well pleased. Not only would he do, but he was my son's favorite What pleased me even more was he was an "Occupied in Japan" piece which, no doubt, had history. He looked worn and old, but nothing a little cleaning up, felt, hot glue, and sparkles couldn't handle.

Faded with a head popping off.

It's not dust...its faded.

Rubbing alcohol cleaned
him up just nice.

Couldn't think of anything
better to cover up faded felt but with some dry brushed pigments.

Dry brushing color. It was
an exact match!

Luckily I had some
felt in the studio too!

Ahh, a nice solution to
cover up that popping head.

Hush now're getting' sparkles!

Our "Elf on a Shelf" ready for
the first day of work.
Honestly, I think he could use
more sparkles!

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