Sunday, December 8, 2013


A small get together with friends to play cards found me thankful I had my sketchbook on hand. I like cards. Gin Rummy is my game, but tonight it was poker night. Poker with all kinds of wild cards and fast paced games. I stood back and just watched the games ensue because I just couldn't keep up with what was going on and I honestly couldn't stop staring at everyone's faces as they played. I was most fascinated by how intense everyone's face became once the game started. Faces tell a lot about a person, most esp when they are playing cards.

These were the best sketches from the night. They aren't fantastic mainly because I felt uncomfortable with my tools. Sketchbook was too small and my one and only pencil barely had a point to it. Of course my sharpener was MIA. So, I worked with what I had and until I had no more point left. I'm dying to do do full color sketches on the spot. I'm not sure how I'm going to go about that discretely in a public setting but I'm urning to do that next.

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