Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3...A Fascination

#inktober Day 3: Pelikan ink on Strathmore Bristol

Day three into Inktober and I was reminded of my fascination with drawing dead things. I know, that sounds terrible, but it's truth. I love to study all sorts of botanicals and biological things, esp when they aren't moving and I can really focus. Even horticulture samples fascinate me as they decay. Plain and simple, the shapes and colors and changes that happen intrigue my artist eye.

Last night at some point my little hamster Raphiella passed away and this morning I decided to make a drawing of her the third in my series of 31 drawings for my participation in #inktober. I decided not to ruin the original pencil drawing too much and just wash some ink about and have found that I like this method of working with ink much better than how I handled it on day one and day two. I believe I'll handle the rest of the month with simple ink renderings and washes.

On the horse front, the Punjabi is finally complete. I'm letting my eyes rest for the weekend and then will revisit him on Monday to see if I still like him.

Punjabi resin in roan.
A commission. My books are open.

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