Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Means Inktober

Day 1 Ink Drawing for Inktober

It's October already! Happy October! It's hard to believe that we are already in the 10th month of this new year. Didn't the new year JUST start?

Every year in October many artists throughout the world participate in what they call, "Inktober". They produce one ink drawing every day for 31 days and then share that drawing through various social media outlets. I remember seeing this event happening last year and thinking what fun it would be to join in. Well, this year, I decided to bite the bullet and join in.

Now, ink was a beloved medium for me long, long ago when I worked at Marvel Comics. I have since been wooed by the lusciousness of acrylic paint (even on the model horses) and I must confess I'm having a difficult time switching my brain to "see" things in ink again. Part of "seeing" in ink is being able to mentally strip away color and just see in black and white and then reproduce that on paper with a that bleeds, blops ink puddles randomly, scratches your paper up and covers your beautiful pencil drawing with lines that look nothing like what you drew 15 minutes ago. There is a lot of preplanning that happens when one works in ink which is radically different than how I work when I paint with acrylics.

All in all, I'm into day two and I'm already having difficulties and it's a huge challenge for me. Never the less, presented here on the blog today is day one and day two into inktober. #inktober

Day 2 Ink Drawing for Inktober 2014

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