Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First post at the new blog

After much contemplation and aggravation I've moved the blog over to blogger from Myspace. At one point in time Myspace worked easily for my blog, but after many failed attempts at logging on I decided it was time to close shop over there. I have to say that this new blog is pretty easy to use and is definitely a lot prettier. I'll miss seeing how many people are tunnin in to view, but I guess a gal cant have it all. There are tons of stuff to tweak and fiddle with on this site. Actually, I fiddled with this blog all afternoon, Im embarrased to say. Nothing much going on in the studio right now anyway and I did have fun designing the blog header.

Well, off to tweak a few more spots on the new blog. I want that background color changed and dont know how to go about doing it. Hope the new blog is a nicer experience for viewing.

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