Saturday, August 25, 2007

This summer has been the summer of "other diversions". I've happily explored my love of mice and rats, enjoyed puttering in the garden and actually started a new sketchbook AND am keeping it up. My garden has been my labor of love though. For three years now I struggled with a huge plot and many weeds. This year, I sectioned everything out and made pathways and really organized my way though the plot. It's been wonderful to just walk though the pathway and take in the fresh smells of the tomatos, lavender and dill. I found myself headed back there while I waited for my fixatives to dry. Im excited to have my friend April come and visit from upstate. It was she who really clued me into gardening in this fashion.

The next batch of sleepy little mice are all poured, cleaned and fired. I spent some time masking off markings on them last night. I have quite a few colors in mind and the technique that I tried on Petunia is swirlin' around in my brain and dying to come out again, but on a party colored mouse. Im trying to keep each sleepy mouse unique and dont want to repeat any pattern. Im itchin to see them done and glossy.

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