Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hiding In My Studio

My 2009 NAN donation

I've been hiding in my studio this week. Not only preparing my NAN donation for official presentation, but trying to get my own personal showstring in order so I could attend a show in upstate NY.

I haven't been to a live show in years. Possibly five years to be exact so when I figured out that the Hudson Valley Classic show was close to our very good friends near Hurley I decided to present the possibility of making a family excursion upstate and having a blast the entire weekend, not only showing (for me) but hanging with our very good friends whom we really miss very much. It was all getting planned when I got the letter. My very best friend from home (whom was my partner in crime when we attended Marywood College) is FINALLY...FINALLY....FINALLY getting married!!!

WHOOO doggies!!!!!

It took YEARS for that boy of her to finally pop the question and this year we FINALLY get to celebrate! But, what weekend does all this fun start? Yep, the weekend of the Hurley show and I could never, in a million years, miss out on any part of Abbi's wedding festivities. So, the show is out and I'll be headed to PA for fun and new memories with my best friend from home.

Not all is lost though. The Hudson Valley Classic happens again in the fall and perhaps I can attend then AND Im a bit ahead on getting my show crew ready because I FINALLY managed to paint some....FOR MYSELF!!! It's truly a MIRACLE!!!

Meet my boy "NYC VIP"

This boy came to me as a trade and his many issues, like three missing legs, was not disclosed before the trade took place. I had always wanted this resin and when I finally got him my heart sank because he was in such awful shape. It has taken me this long to get him finished. I'm rather proud since I discovered some new ways to deal with missing parts on horses. He is a much older resin, but I still adore him. I'm very happy to see him completed and standing proudly in my china cabinet.

Speaking of best friends I was thrilled that this week was also the week that Sylvia came back to Brooklyn for a visit. It was so wonderful to spend time with her yesterday. We had many laughs and some good talking over many cups of coffee. I sure do miss our Friday pastel parties. Nothing brings me back to those fun days yukin it up in her apartment over there on 28th Street like the smell of Testors.

Good times with Syl

Well, my ceramic work is calling me. I have the Chaney drafter just about ready to be presented to the world. I tried some new things with the china paints on him and my theories and ideas worked well. I believe this is probably the best china piece I've painted to date. So, till tomorrow...

Chaney china getting final layers

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