Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Visit

Finished SM Breyer

Joy! April is here once again for her yearly visit and it's been fantastic just talking and talking and talking over many cups of coffee. Scoured the internet together yesterday just taking in all the artist blogs and new works on MHSP. It's always so much more fun to "window shop" on MHSP with a close friend.

Today is mold pouring day. I hope the new medallion molds pour well. I'd also love it if she were to take a few photos of me trying to complete my next JAH article. Well, let's rephrase that...take photos of me trying to START the project! LOL I normally have to take my photos myself and to have someone help take a shot or two would not only give me better photos for the article but it will offer newer angles.

Coffee is calling.

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