Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Once Again: OVERDRIVE!

Amazing example of bronze production

Since March I had been wanting to get back to the Met to catch the "Cast in Bronze" exhibit. Today, I finally had that opportunity and viewed the most incredible pieces from the French Renaissance to the Revolution. I'm not even sure where to begin in my critique of the exhibit because I really and truly found myself speechless. In my opinion it was an amazing exhibit and just what I needed to look at at this point in my sculptural journey. The pieces just made my head whirl about in every direction. I don't think I blinked at all. I will mention though that photography was not allowed (B I G grumble) and the guards were being rather stern about this policy. Of course, I could NOT resist snapping a shot of the beastie above when the guard walked away. Look at those sprues!

It was a casting mistake, but how wonderful that it occured because it gives the viewer an insight into the intricacies of bronze pouring. I have to say that this piece (which was along side a finished and polished version) just mystified me. I am still in awe over how intricate the sprue production is on this thing. And to think I was feeling rather proud of myself for making a six part mold! HA!

To my dismay my favorite room in the European Decorative Arts section was closed today, but this gave me an opportunity to venture into a new area just waiting for my discovery. The glass case full of these precious little porcelains just delighted me.

Porcelain by Etienne Maurice Falconet

There was something familiar about them. Something so "me" I guess you could say. They immediately helped bring back to the surface an idea I had with my "Brianna"sculpture. I think I am going to revisit her. All these pieces were bisque porcelain and the sheer elegance of the material further accentuated the moment captured in sculpture. It was a simplistic marriage that was purely satisfying. No reason why my Brianna can't offer the same satisfaction. In resin, she jars the visual palete. She needs to be devoid of paint and modern elements. She needs to be reborn in porcelain and become timeless.

Overall, I am on overdrive at the moment. My mind is wandering in a million different inspired directions. I'm very glad I made the time to get out. I firmly believe that artists MUST get out of their studios every now and then and do nothing but take in new inspirations.

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