Saturday, May 2, 2009


Francesco at the camera

"You ok?" Asked my husband as I returned from JFK. After all this time together he just knows me. He knows that there is always a sense of sadness that always overcomes me when I have to drop one of my very best friends April off at the airport.

For about two years I had connections up in the Buffalo area. Lets just call those "bad decisions" that turned into hard learned lessons. Honestly, I hated it there and wound up really hating the place after the summer of 92'. I vowed never to return. I had seen the Falls and been there, done that and was unimpressed with everything that was "REALLY upstate NY".

But years later I am plotting and trying to figure a way to get up to the Buffalo/Rochester area to visit April whom I met on my small and private "Pastel Club" Yahoo group (now gone). For years now she has been making a yearly trip to see me here in Brooklyn. It's time I go up and visit her and my fear of flying just overcomes me, but perhaps the 7 hour drive won't be so bad. It's funny how years of conversing over this computer can bring people closer together. It can bridge gaps that miles leave. I'm so fortunate to have her in my life. Her visits are always fun. Her visits are always filled with laughter, horses galore, lots of coffee, memories and relaxation. It's always time to sit back, enjoy our love of model horses no matter how silly it may seem. I'm always just "me" with April.

Board games and laughs

I feel rejuvinated and inspired now. It's a blessing to have such a wonderful friend. I thank God every night for her and many others I've met through this silly "box" called the computer.

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