Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finished Kiln

Finished view of the kiln

Saturday already? I tell ya, these weeks of summer are just flying by!

I finally snapped a shot of the kiln finished and looking pretty. Everyone has been in or around the garden and no one has said anything. Hubby didn't even notice the change and neither did my nieces. I have to assume that no one else noticed either. I had to physically take my one niece in and open the kiln before she realized what she was looking at. I guess I was successful in making it look "garden pretty". I planted some ivy around and in a year or two the area surrounding the slate stones will look lush and green. Id like to get some little white ground flowers or those things I used to see in the woods and called "Jumping Jacks". Small blue flowers that grow in clumps. I have no idea what their real names are but I loved seeing them just jutting out here and there in the woods.

Hay you...outta my kiln!

Of course our Brooklyn waterbugs totally found and took residence in my new kiln. I nearly had a heart attack when I pried open the lid yesterday and found a buddy waitin' for me. It's just par for the course living in the city. Thankfully they stay out of the house. I guess I'll let this intruder slide. I'd rather have him creepin' near my kiln than creepin' in the house.

So, off we ride upstate today to help a friend's son celebrate his engagement. I pulled out pen and watercolor brush and had a bit of fun illustrating a card. I haven't made a card like this in years. It felt good to stretch those wings again. Of course, my head is spinning in illustrative ways now.

Engagement card

Enjoy your Saturday.

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