Friday, July 31, 2009

More Fun In the Sun

Say Cheese!

Much more fun in the sun this week. Lots of swimming with my son and a few raku pieces to show off. I lost quite a few, but I'm chalkin' it up to experienced gained. The ones that did survive are beautiful! I'm armed with proper glaze too from Georgies and as I expected, those glazes out shine the other commercial glazes. You can feel the quality the moment you start brushing the stuff on. Quality really makes a difference in these matters.

My little "wild" clay vessel was also put to the test this week and survived! I was very shocked not to find a crack anywhere when I pulled it out of the reduction bin. It was beautiful and I just sat there holding my new gem reliving how it was found in the woods and came to be in the present. A wonderfully sentimental moment.

There were many other pieces and a few china painted pieces started this week too. I'll just pop their photos below for you to view and then I'm off. It's going to be a very busy social month for me. I hope I can keep up and not go insane being out of the studio so much.

"Wild" clay from home withstands
the raku process like a gem!

More rakuware

China painting projects underway

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