Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revisiting Wax

Ophelia revisited

It rained all day yesterday which made it impossible to do any raku firing. It was a soft, lovely rain; one which makes staying in the studio really pleasurable. So my son and I stayed in doors. He was intent on drawing and coloring and I found myself sorting through some in progress wax medallions for a RESS article. In the process I picked up my "Ophelia" sculpture. Ahh, my little chopped up pony with head lobbed off and legs all over the board said, "Fix me!" So, I did. A pinch here and a tuck there and before I knew it I was deep into the project and creating a base and adding more mane.

Although she is far from completion I have a definite vision now, more so than I did before and using the wax make changes so easy. It's much easier than that Apoxie stuff. I'm so sorry I didn't find wax sooner and start "Lil Pumpkin" with it because if I did she would probably be finished by now. Alas, she awaits major front leg changes that I am too frustrated to make. I will say, however that all that frustration is paying off because the changes on Ophelia have been easy and the mistakes popping right out at me. Actually, I see some more now!

A few more views of the progressing pony:

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