Monday, April 6, 2009

More Changes

New back with tail

Last night I made the call to chop off Pumpkin's back left leg once again. It looked funny and just didn't sit well with my eye. I repositioned it and then wondered how the heck I was going to cast free standing back legs in earthenware! Although I am feeling rather proud and brazen after the succesful completion of "Listen's" mold I fear that a ceramic version of "Lil Pumpkin" would really throw me for a loop with four free standing legs to cast and a free flowing tail.

I decided that the tail should run along the back legs and a base would probably be the very best solution for the front legs. No matter how I slice it, there will be hair pulling moments with this one once I get to the molding stage, but why complicate things even further?

Here is a shot of her from above and a comparison of how she has progressed.

Top view of Pumpkin

How she has progressed

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