Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lazertran Transfer Paper = F

Label attached to bottom

So, for the past two days I have been struggling with transfer papers from Lazertran because I want the rat sculptures to have a nice polished look on the bottoms. I capped the large pour hole in the leather hard stage, printed out my information and then proceeded to adhere the transfer papers to the bottoms. Then redid them when they bubbled. Then did them over once again when the paper turned white instead of being transparent. Then reprinted everything because the type distorted. Then tried to get the cut marks to disappear to NO avail.

At this point I am so beyond frustrated. The black hooded rat named "Maybell" gave me the worst trouble. At this point she has one word on her and that is, "Danza." This word is the only part of the paper that didn't get messed up after the process.

I went to their website, followed their directions and reread those directions again and again and reapplied the papers over and over. So, two days of nothing but bottom work and I'm through. I've decided that this product is not worth the money I spent and I'll never buy from this company again. Money and time being wasted are NOT two welcome things in my studio. So Lazertran Transfer Paper Co. you get an F!

The ratties themselves turned out great though. Here is "Willow" a chocolate agouti. At least, I think the way I glazed her would fall into this color category.

"Willow" rat sculpture

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