Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quiet Reflections

I love "Tutu's" muzzle. So kissy!

Quiet. Reflective. Painterly.

That pretty much sums up me right now. I sat down at my studio desk last night and didn't really have to force myself to work. I really wanted to paint and welcomed the calming feelings that came with several hours of non stop finishwork.

I tried not to focus on having to put Toby down, but thoughts of me somehow betraying a friend just wouldn't leave. I know it was the right thing. He suffered too long. So, in trying to ease these thoughts I decided I would try and complete two projects I took on a few weeks ago that won't find finish for one reason or another. The porcelain tea light below was one of those projects. It's now ready to meet its new owner and hopefully cheer her up. The thought of it cheering someone up, cheered me up a bit.

So, animal wise we have one less here at the Danza house. I thought it might be fun to get a few photos of all our animals here. I'm going to do that soon. Once the fish wake up outside in the pond and once my new adopted baby ratties arrive in May. All positive and good things to reflect on.

Spirit Jump tea light

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