Saturday, April 4, 2009

Up To The Minute

Progress continues

The bunnies were a hit yesterday. I'm thrilled! I can't wait to unveil the next batch. I promise, there will be more of a "head's up" with the following batches. I guess you could say this first batch was sorta of like a test. I'm glad to see they passed and are being very well received.

Speakin' of a "head's up" Twitter is a fun place to get small snippets of information. I have had a Twitter page for a while now but it wasn't until yesterday that I realized how very useful it could be for collectors who might want to get that "edge" on sales and other "behind the scene" happenings. In any case you're interested:

Free Twitter buttons from

    Lastly, the little pony sculpture is making progress. I worked her shoulders and back and belly a bit. I am hoping for a finish within the next two weeks. My eyes have grown tired of looking and I need a bit of a break from her this weekend.

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