Monday, January 11, 2010

A Bloggy Break


Wow....that was a much needed break.....and the last post quite a mouthful.

That last post was certainly "wordy", but I felt it needed saying. Over the years I have learned that the best way to handle such things is to nip them in the bud. So, all is nipped and to end this ongoing saga of "Penni" the rooster I can safely say that an animal rescue is taking him. I didn't eat him, I didn't just chuck him on the side of the Belt Parkway, and I didn't stop till I found a place (with help from a very good friend) that we felt would be the best solution. He will be safely transported to Pennsylvania on Wed. morning by an animal rescue. I sure will miss him and after having gone to my neighbors to smooth things over just one more time I've found that a few actually enjoyed hearing him in the mornings crowing. Sorta put my mind at ease, if only for another 24 hours or so.

My vacation from the studio continues and finds me fiddling with framed photographs and dusting off curtains in the living room. The living room is the least of the disasters in the house. I have two more rooms to go and then I can center in on my studio which truly looks like someone ransacked the place.

Close up of the crackle. that crackle!

The lidded piece with additional "bead"

I did manage to get the pieces I'd like to sell photographed. The photo cube was probably the only area down in the studio that wasn't amazingly covered with a ton of junk. I'd like to hold an online sale if I can manage to finish up removing the rest of the clutter from the house in a timely manner.

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