Saturday, April 30, 2011

Changing the Plate

Sanding down the section
that will be changed.

So, the more I looked at this piece, the more I hated the section on the bottom right hand side. Extending her hair all the way to the edge was a last minute decision after I had pulled the tape off and noticed I blocked off the illustration strangely. Adding hair was one solution, but not a very good one. After drawing out the other three plates I decided I should square up the bottom of "Fall" and add stalks so there would be unity throughout the series.

Making changes on quality bristol is fairly easy since the paper can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The first step to change is to sand away a portion of the illustration in order to eliminate bumps and seams so the new painting sits flat. Once sanded a Prismacolor pencil is used to draw in new stalks and then those are painted using acrylics. The acrylics dry very fast and color can be quickly blocked in. After which, oils can be used for detailing and blending.

I believe in the end the change helped the illustration. Btw, a few people asked what kind of tape I'm using to block out the illustrations. That tape is 3M Painter's Blue Tape. All paint stores carry it and it's fantastic since it can be reused a few times and it sticks but doesn't pull the paper when removed.

Drawing in the stalks.

Masking out the area and painting.

Finished section.

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