Friday, April 15, 2011


My gal Lucy

I've been slightly derailed this week. Found my sweet hen had fallen into the fish pond and apparently broke her neck. By the time I found her she was half drowned. (And yes, I have 2 canisters of fresh water out for the hens as they free range...just in case you're wondering.) It was a shock and it upset me both creatively and personally. She was my favorite pet chicken. Something very special happened to me in November of last year that sorta revolved around her so she always held a very special place in my heart. I hate when pets pass on but when they hold a special place or have a great story behind them (she was the chick that got pecked on the most in the bunch who became the boss hen) it's harder when they go.

Before the derailment though I had managed to find a home for my beautiful Mercedes Boy and created a pretty base for him and managed to get fairly far production wise on three Sarah Mink "Oliver" resins. "Oliver" is a ton of fun to paint and the appy "Oliver" will be a sales item hopefully next week or after Easter. I'm also full force into production on "The Four Seasons" illustrations and have decided to start the "Summer" plate this coming weekend. I'm most inspired by this one and too excited to see how it turns out so I must start it asap.

Mercedes Boy with new base

Oliver resins. Appy will be
a sales item soon

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