Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saying Goodbye & A Gift

Kiko waiting for her presents

A double blog post today because in all this sadness came a beautiful and unexpected gift that I want to share.

My best friend and puppy of 14 years had to be put to sleep yesterday. I labored over the decision and knew when I looked into her eyes and felt the energy she threw at me that she was in serious pain. I knew I was being a selfish friend. It was time to let her go and I did.

She was my friend and companion. A funny little host to guests and friends. The biggest kid waiting for her presents at Christmas and an excellent watchdog and cat chaser. She never did stop hating Guy our neighbor. Why she hated him so, I'll never know and she takes her reasons to the grave.

I put off digging her grave this morning. I just didn't want to finalize this event. I've been fortunate enough to have a backyard in Brooklyn. A little garden and grass to play and plant and when my pets died I'd always bury them. It was with much sadness that this last grave I dug here in Brooklyn before I leave had to be for my beloved Kiko, but alas, it's what the Universe and God wanted at this point in time. The hard work and sadness of the action wasn't without reward though. Two feet down before my very eyes was a gift. A gift most fitting for someone like me and perhaps a message from my little one who loved to get as dirty as I did in the mud. A message to keep creating no matter what.

The gift of clay.

I've dug several pet graves
and an underground kiln.
Today was the first day
I ever hit clay in the backyard.

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