Monday, May 2, 2011


Plate for Summer waiting
for paint

Sometimes inspiration comes in the most unexpected places. Yesterday inspiration hit me square in the jaw as I was indulging in a beer. The label (which was a lot of fun design wise) held a good deal of inspiration for the "Summer" plate I've been putting off painting. There are several components to this plate all of which have to work together well.

As the week progressed I've mixed color and painted the piece up in my head several times and each time the bottom left hand corner continued to baffle me. It's suppose to contain wheat and grasses and in my head that area keeps getting jumbled up with fudged paint marks.

Label that inspired
(the beer was pretty good too)

So when I saw this label I was greatly inspired to use the wheat drawing on it as a springboard to solve the problem in "Summer." Even though the drawing on the label was very tight and much different than my style of painting it would help. The plan was to section out the wheat, sketch it up, and get the feeling for painting the item before I would do it on the final piece. I could have gotten reference of real wheat but for me personally it some times helps to see how another artist or designer breaks down an object and produces it. In doing this exercise I've broken down the image in my own way and have prepared my brain for final production and I'll be able to work on that area properly now without much worry....or at least, that is the plan. I'm honestly a bit nervous to start the piece because I'm in love with the drawing and I don't want to mess it up.

Quick drawing of wheat

A quick painting in acrylics

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