Friday, May 27, 2011

I Found A Box....

I found yet another gem in the studio storage room. A box containing nothing but old sketchbooks. What fun! I couldn't resist taking a few shots from within a few of the books. What an amazing journey each book revealed. It's good to look back and compare work then to now.

The box was shoved
in a corner on the floor.

Markers are fun.

Apparently he said, "Urg".
Dude, I hear ya!

I was onto something here!

Now, the next three are odd. I have no IDEA why I was exploring this subject matter and to top it all off, exploring it with mice. It's actually been bothering me all day that I found this exploration in the one book. I can't recall if the image just came to mind and wouldn't cease tormenting me till I drew it or if I was trying to hone in on human expression in an animal. Anyway, they are sad to say the least.

But thankfully I bounce right back and get on with the happy stuff and there was certainly a lot of it in these books. I found so many card designs and "mice" drawings that were crude but on their way to becoming something formidable. These books were done right after my very first illustration gig and long before I got to work on Milly & Tug. Now do I chuck them or cart them with me to PA? Yet another box to cart. I'm on the fence.

Happy Birthday!

Always happy to draw a tree

Pen on paper

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