Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Finds....

Deep within the storage room was a drawer filled with old illustrations. What a trip to revisit these pieces. Thought it would be fun to share them. My style kept changing during this period. I liked the look and feel of watercolors, but was still hanging onto the thickness of ink and my obsession with Authur Rackham.

I think there is room
for at least one more!

Mmm, blueberry pie.

I don't remember why this little
beetle was getting yelled at.

You should be centering in
on how lovely the spots on the neck came out
not how crappy the hands are drawn.

Marvel at how tiny!

Orange, it's what's
in this picture.

Entire piece was created just cause I wanted to
draw my grandmother's antique mohair chairs with the tassels

As this picture progressed, the creep
factor got super high so
I abandoned it.

I drew this idea several times.
This finish was the one I chucked in the corner

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