Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Antique Finds

Antique chair for the office
with a lovely heart-like carving

It was a beautiful weekend.
I could probably just end the entry right there, but there is always inspiration packed into even the most simple and beautiful of days and I love sharing that inspiration.

My father has been watching out for me and fixing things in the new house. I arrive for the weekend and there are just things done. Things I either couldn't get to from the last visit or things he felt doing would save me time. He's even spared me the task of cutting the grass.

Bless him.

The best part of this weekend was having him help me with an antique chair I found for my new office. It was absolutely perfect in every sense for me. Perfect even down to the lovely carving of the heart-like shape on the backrest. It did, however, need repair and we went right to work gluing the seat back together solid. Spending such a quiet moment with my father in his workshop was soothing, rejuvenating and simply put, lovely. No amount of money could buy that moment. None. I hold it forever now and also walk away knowing how to fix a chair should I ever need to do that again.

Chair glued and clamped

The antique chair wasn't the only "old" find I stumbled upon this past weekend. An antique mouse trap thrown in a trash heap (yes, it's true I can't resist a good trash heap) was also a choice find and the moment I realized what it was lying there in that heap of junk my heart raced and my imagination just went wild. There was no doubt, I was taking that trap! For the entire weekend I marveled at it's barbaric simplicity. Even the petrified pieces of cheese in the hollows brought wonder. It also sparked some drawings. I'm sharing the best one from the session.

Antique mouse trap
now on display in my new office

"The Lesson"
Pencil and watercolor on paper

Shelves....glorious shelves!
Which, btw previous owners
had installed. They must
have known I was coming.

Everything else is coming together in the new home. Second floor is painted and my office awaits my secretary desk and hutch. The basement studio space awaits my drafting table and the many rolling bins I own for supply storage. My mind is wandering on this space and I'm finding it very difficult to even draw here in Brooklyn. This past weekend just did me in so I've decided to pack it all in and transport both studios (including furniture) fully this coming weekend. I have to close shop but in the long run it's probably best. I'm already comfortable working on art in the new home so the moment the desks are reopened I'll be out the starting gate. Everything is ready. It just needs a few more things and of course it needs me.

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