Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Before The Show

Random shot of the work desk.

This week I've been preparing to vendor at the Park Color Craze Live show in Ithaca, NY. From bases to horses to finishing commissions to show off, I've been neck deep in preparation for the event.

I love model horse shows and look forward to ones I can attend. Today just some random shots of some of the stuff happening in the studio as I prepare for the show. I didn't even dare take a whole studio shot. The entire place is a mess.

Please note that if you are attending this show I will be offering free touch up service to all show horses. That includes OFs (EXCEPT GLOSSIES!). So if you horses didn't travel well and needs a little ear rub touched up or a scratch hidden, be sure to take advantage of the service I'm offering!

Some sales pieces.

Bases for Little Bit and Stablemate sized pieces.

A BR CM that will also be for sale at the show.
I love how his base come out.

One sample of my commission work. popular demand...yes, horse apples!

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