Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wet on Wet (Dapples)

Horse with basecoat ready for dappling.

There are many techniques to dappling. I have found this "wet on wet" technique in oils to be successful and enjoyable. This "Affinity" resin called for some slight dappling along the barrel and hind quarters and after mixing up a lighter version of the base coat I set in to lay dapples in a fashion that would naturally follow the haring pattern of the horse.

I've documented the process, but it's very difficult to see the actual dapples in some pictures just because of the glare of the linseed oil. Please note that drying times for this technique do take several days. This is just the first step in many that are required in creating dapples on a solid colored horse.

With a clean brush lay a coat of
linseed oil on the barrel.

A lighter version of the base coat mixed
and ready for layering.

Start at the top and layer dapples.

Move downward as you add dapples and follow
the natural haring pattern.

Continue the dapples where you want them.
Always following the hairing pattern

Here Ive begun to add
them on the hind quarters.

The other side which after a day is still drying.