Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The tail is the last area
to be painted.

The tail is generally the last area to be painted on a piece. In most cases it's the most comfortable part to hold when painting or adding pigments and by the end of production gets pretty messy. I thought it might be neat to document the painting process of this "Affinity" resin's tail.

The area is first primed with white sandable gesso. Any bumps or imperfections that come through the gesso can be easily sanded. I premix all the colors I need on a palette and add Liquitex Glazing Medium to the paints. This medium slows down the drying time of the acrylics.

A base color, in this case a chestnut, is added to the entire tail and allowed to dry fully. Afterwards, a darker value of chestnut is carefully added to the grooves and crevices. That is also allowed to dry fully and then highlights are added slowly to the entire piece to help bring out the detail in the tail.

Entire painting session took approx an hour and a half.

Add a flat color

Use a darker color to
accentuate the grooves and crevices.

Add highlights.

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