Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Old Table Made New

Old unwanted table had much potential.

It was old. It was painted. It was scratched and dinged. It was on the sidewalk with a price tag of $5. It quickly became mine.

I can't resist a good looking piece of furniture even if it has problems because everything can be sanded or repainted or repurposed. This piece received a new coat of paint, some dry brushing and a xylene transfer. I documented the transformation cause I thought it might be fun to view.

BTW, if you're doing Xylene transfers (with laser prints) be sure to do this in a well ventilated area (or outside) wear a respirator and wear gloves!!! No exceptions! Xylene is toxic.

Grey paint found in the "Opps" bin
at Home Depot. Creates a nice neutral base.

Base color darkened slightly
and edges of the table dry brushed.

Light peach/tan painted over the grey base.

Laserprint of the image which can
be transferred using Xylene.

Xylene is rubbed with a paper towel on the surface. Image side down and then rub more Xylene on the back of the paper
and burnish well. Image will transfer to the surface.

Finished piece which has found a home in
a quiet corner of one of my rooms.

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