Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wardrobe Change

Marwari base painted in the style
of Indian wedding jewelry.

The gold base was pretty, but after it was completed the owner and I felt the piece as a whole was missing something, so we decided a wardrobe change for the base was the best solution. We decided upon a patina color and in the end I believe it was the perfect solution.

If you are curious to see how to create patina I documented the painting of a mirror late last year. Click *here* to view it.

Marwari with new patina base

1 comment:

Sherry L. Palmer said...

I have seen many pieces of Indian art that use brilliantly colored jewels, so perhaps that would have helped the gold base. Maybe even the silver one, slightly toned down! I do like the silver with the horse's color, though.
Lovely, as we always expect! :o)