Thursday, November 22, 2012


The inspiration for the project.

Long ago in a little shop on Long Island I came to find these little patina decorations. They serve no purpose. They just sit there. They are always within my view. I just love patina.

So, when I came into possession of two old mirrors I decided right away that one would be painted in a patina color. This is how I did it using left over house paint and craft acrylics from the fabric store.

Although acrylic paint will scrape away easily with a straight blade, protect the mirror as much as you can with painter's tape to save time in the end. Lay down 1-2 coats of black house paint. Let dry.

The colors I used for this project (overall) were: Olive green, Leaf Green, Sailing Blue, Ultramarine Blue and some light grey house paint. After the main base coat of black is applied the rest of the project is a "dry brush" project. That is, the brush is loaded up with paint then wiped clean of any "wet" paint. Only a bit remains on the brush and then that is lightly applied to the surface. Paint adheres to any raised surface.

After the Olive green dries add the Leaf Green which is a lighter green. Once that dries start adding some blues and some lighter green highlights. At this point it is important to refer back to the reference or patina item that inspired. Even after all this time of repainting and remaking items I always have to look at a sample along the way. Have fun!

Mirror protected from paint.

Cover the entire frame making sure
to get into all grooves with the black.

Fully painted frame.

Apply the Olive green on the entire frame.
Mixing paint on a palette. Color used was straight from the tube.,

Blot the brush dry on a dry paper towel.

Paint from dark to light to lightest.
Here Leaf Green is being applied.

Try to avoid cute diversions while working.
Oreo likes to be around when I work.

Compare your inspiration with your progress.

The finished mirror in patina.

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