Saturday, November 24, 2012

Repair Table at CRAB

Repair table at CRAB.

The show at CRAB brought many repairs my way today. It was great to see everyone and see their beautiful horses. This particular model horse show is double judged so there is much going on and people constantly moving about from table to table. It seems like no one really gets a break and neither did I. I took on repairs from about 8 am till 5pm straight. Some horses went smoothly, others gave a challenge.

This "Cicso" resin was one of my favorites to work on. Not only was I happy to repair him and bring him back to show status, but I had great fun taking in all his details. The painting artist who painted him did an amazing job. I've been very inspired by him.

Here are the progress shots of his ear repair.

"Cicso" resin with ears waiting for repair.

Ear repair is much easier
when the pieces are included.

Ears glued using Zap a Gap glue and baking soda.

The finished repair ready for the show ring again!

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