Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Graphite, watercolor and acrylics on watercolor paper.

My new book arrived in the mail today. I can't seem to put it down. There are so many mice images floating about my head now. I loved this poem best tonight.

Love, what a long way, to arrive at a kiss,
what loneliness-in-motion, toward your company!
Rolling with the rain we follow the tracks alone.
In Tiltal there is neither daybreak nor spring.

But you and I, love, we are together
from our clothes down to our roots:
together in the autumn, in water, in hips, until
we can be alone together- only you, only me.

To think of the effort, that the current carried
so many stones, the delta of Boroa water;
to think that you and I, divided by trains and nations,

we had only to love one another;
with all the confusions, the men and the women,
the earth that makes carnations rise, and makes them bloom!

~Pablo Neruda

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