Thursday, November 1, 2012

Progress on the Pony (and others)

Equal parts white acrylic and gesso are mixed
to a "milky" consistency and placed on after
the pigments and fixatives have dried.

Progress on the Fraley pony continues past the "pigment" stage. The next stages are quite tedious, hence very few photos documenting this portion of the painting process. The general technique is to water it down and lay it down. In some cases, like this dappled grey, there could be up to (or over) 10 layers of paint placed on the piece.

A "00" brush being used to layer in some star dapples.

Next step: oil washes.

But the Fraley pony is not the only piece being worked on in the studio. On November 10th I'll be attending the model horse show in Leesport, PA as a vendor and will have a ton of stuff for sale. Below you'll find some of the pieces I'm preparing for that show. If you are attending I hope you'll stop by my table.

Trivoli resin in blue roan.
(for Leesport,PA show)

Chaney Hackney in bay.
(for Leesport,PA show)

York Trotter in bay roan.
(for Leesport,PA show)

Eberl sm Andalusian bay going grey.
(for Leesport,PA show)

There are also commissions in progress in the studio. These are just a handful being worked on. (All painting has been done by hand.)

Affinity resin to chestnut.

Marcemello resin to reverse dapple.

Mini Scarlet in bay.

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