Sunday, November 11, 2012

Repairs at Leesport

Vendor and repair table at the live show.

I've had several opportunities recently to vendor at a few model horse shows. I usually don't show, unless its a specific piece for a client who is looking to try and have a piece qualified for the Nationals. Sitting as a vendor for long hours can get a bit boring while everyone else is having fun running around showing. So a while back I decided to start doing minimal repairs for people at a show just to keep myself from going insane from boredom.

Scratches and simple breaks were repaired for showers on the spot right at the show and since that first time it's turned out to be quite a lot of fun for me. The nice part is I've gotten up close and very personal with many gorgeous horses from people's show strings. The best part though is being able to help people bring their pieces back to show quality quickly and without the hassles of shipping and worry.

I believe I'll be at more shows both vendoring and offering "on the spot" repair service. I took the time to document my most difficult repair yesterday. It seems like an easy fix, but all around matching the paint on this Stone original finish was difficult. I think I might venture next to CRAB. Contemplating.

A gouged and scratched patient.

Sanding down the gouge makes
the repair even larger but it has to be sanded.

Adding first layers of paint.

More layers of paint needed.
At this point there were approx 8 thin layers added.

The finished leg all repaired.

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