Sunday, November 25, 2012

PA to MD and Back Again.

Amazing book find at the Art & Antique Store.
Only $5...I love every page.

From PA to MD and then back home. The CRAB show was fun and it was wonderful to see everyone and their beautiful model horses again. The trip down and back was long, but stopping for breaks was interesting along the way. Rest stops offer a huge variety of people to draw. Having this newly acquired book in hand and the images fresh in my mind, I scoured my purse for paper once I stopped for break and felt inspired to draw.

I've been good recently about keeping small notebooks in each one so I always have paper to draw on when inspiration strikes. Of course my drawings are beyond amateur compared to the amazing drawings within this book, but I know that the important thing is that one keeps trying.

Within the book my favorite plate is on page 35. It's a drawing by Anthony van Dyck from the 1600s. His line quality and mood within just intrigues me. The weight of the line speaks to me. Bottow line, I wish I could draw like that.

Drawing by Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641)
Philippe Le Roy, Lord of Ravels,
state councillor to Philip IV of Spain.

Woman whose hands wouldnt
leave her face. Challenging.

Two women.

Of course, Mr. Van Dyck was most likely trained in the tradition sense with a plain old pencil and lots of paper. He didn't have TV, radio or internet to distract. All he did was draw 24-7. Of course, he also didn't have such challenges in drawing as botoxed lips as I did today. Yes, they are very difficult to draw cause they don't look right. They look puffed and unnatural, especially when one tries to eat. That in itself was a huge distraction.

Overall I did get one sketch I was happy with. Of course, drawing with a tiny ball point novelty pen also has its challenges but at least I had something to draw with when the inspiration struck.

Captured him but its lacking finesse in the line quality.

My favorite from the session.

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