Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not Quite Diving

China cabinet left in the house by previous owners.

Its not quite dumpster diving when the piece is left in the house you purchase and you choose not to throw it out. It was still considered garbage though by the old owners. This cabinet was left in my home and for over a year I've been on the fence about how to repaint it. An idea finally hit me when I was at the art and antique shop recently and I just ran with it.

An old worn out farmhouse cabinet at the store had this pretty red backing. I never thought of putting a separate color on the china cabinet before I saw the old piece. At that point the china cabinet project was going full steam. I couldn't wait to paint the backing red. I thought it would be fun to document how it changed.

When dealing with old furniture
its best to prime before you paint.

My favorite part? The red!

Oreo seems to always be there
when furniture projects surface!

Im very happy with the outcome.

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